Painting Contractors and House Painting Services

Painting Contractors and House Painting Services

Painting Contractors

Professional Painting That’s Worth the Investment

When it comes to painting, many homeowners are under the impression that they can execute a project on their own. And, while it’s true that most anyone can do their own house painting, few are able to achieve the professional, beautiful results like the painting contractors at Lone Star Home Remodeling & Construction can.

Our team of painters puts your project first, allowing us to give the level of personal attention required to complete your project properly. And, with full insurance, professional training, and a relentless dedication to notice all minor details, you can rest assured that our painting contractor projects are well worth the investment.

Thorough Preparation and Finishing That Guarantees Satisfaction

By choosing Lone Star for your painting services, you receive a comprehensive service from beginning to end. Of course, each step is an essential component that helps protect the long-term beauty of our results and helps deliver your ongoing satisfaction with your house painting investment.

Our services include careful preparation through masking and draping as well as power washing, scraping, and sanding. By complementing our services with only the highest-quality paints and ending each project with thorough cleaning that leaves your home spotless, you’ll realize that our painting contractors are truly worth the investment.

Take the Stress Out of Painting Your Home With Painting Contractors From Lone Star Home Remodeling & Construction

The right painting contractor can make a significant impact in the results you’re able to get from your house painting project. Of course, working with the right team of painters can also take the stress and headaches out of your project and give you peace of mind knowing that a beautiful result is on its way.

When you’re ready to get your project started, contact Lone Star’s painting contractors at 724-596-0192 or at to discuss your specific needs!