House Additions and Home Addition Contractors

House Additions and Home Addition Contractors

House Additions

Simplifying Your Home Additions With Honest, Timely Services

As one of the most costly and time-consuming renovation projects you can choose for your home, finding the right home addition contractors is essential to ensure the success of your project.

That’s why when you expect honest, timely service and a satisfying long-term relationship with a company that wants to enhance your house and make it a home, you can count on Lone Star Home Remodeling & Construction.

The Potential for Your Project is Limitless With Lone Star

Searching for the warmth of a sun room for some relaxation? Or, perhaps you need additional bedrooms for your home to keep guests comfortable during their stay? With Lone Star, you can truly have it all, regardless of what you want.

When you choose our team of home addition contractors for your project, no house additions are impossible. This means you can build out bedrooms, add a new family room, or even build up and enjoy the new second story you’ve always wanted.

Comprehensive Home Additions From Framing Through Finishing Touches

Not all home addition construction companies are created equal and at Lone Star, we believe this is part of what sets us apart from the rest. We provide comprehensive services for all of our house additions, meaning you won’t have to coordinate architects and designers with our contracting services.

Instead, you can simply provide input where necessary to ensure that we remain true to your expectations and reach an outcome that transforms your home.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Potential Home Additions

It’s no secret that all great home additions begin with developing a relationship with addition contractors that put your needs first.

Contact Lone Star Home Remodeling & Construction today at 724-596-0192 or to discuss your needs and get your own addition off to the right start.